About Jacob Wolfe

Competitive Kayak Fishing

2018 was an insanely eventful year for me with my kayak. It has opened doors and let me meet great people across the United States. I am currently the Vice President of Central Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club. A member with Kayak Anglers of Eastern Pennsylvania. I am also a KBF lifetime member and have been traveling all over the United States with the group. My passion for fishing has grown tremendously over the last couple of years as I am figuring out patterns and ultimately networking with great individuals that care as much about the sport as I do. Ultimately I want to win every tournament I am in but will always be humble and take lessons that come my way when I enter the water. Looking forward to what 2019 has to offer. Tight lines everyone! 



Connect kayak anglers all across the nation. If you ever have any questions or are wanting to network to make the industry better get in contact with me. Getting people on a kayak catching a fish that have never done it before is the main mission.



  • 2018 New Jersey KBF Challenge/State AOY Champion

  • 2018 KBF Trail #41 New River Champion

  • 2018 Fall Socks and Cookies KFT Champion

  • 2018 NJ KBF June State Challenge Champion

  • 2018 Spring Socks and Cookies KFT Champion

  • 2018 Round #1 Kayak Anglers Lake Assunpink, New Jersey Champion

  • 2018 Ike Celebrity Pro/Am Kayak Fishing Tournament 2nd Place

  • 2018 AM Shimano Fishing Series Championship 3rd Place

  • 2018 NJ KBF September State Challenge 3rd Place

  • 2018 23rd out of 1843 KBF AOY Points

  • 2017 Round #5 Kayak Anglers Sandt’s Eddy, Champion